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Seanzel He

VCE English / EAL at Edcellent Education

Seanzel has taught VCE English for the past three years, with a focus on teaching EAL. With over five hundred hours of teaching experience, she is adept at identifying individual weaknesses within a group setting, to optimise learning for all students. Her teaching approach is inclusive and engaging, where she aims to create a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and thrive. Her experience allows her to handle all students and their personalities efficiently and assist them in working with their strengths and weaknesses to develop a love for English. For Seanzel, seeing students regularly improve and achieve above and beyond their own expectations is the most rewarding part of being a teacher. With multiple students attaining study scores of 45+ in EAL under her assistance, and most exceeding their own study goals, she is consistently proud of the efforts all around. With a passion for public speaking and creative writing, she regularly enjoys polishing these skills alongside the expected English curriculum. She aims to inspire her students to similarly develop an appreciation and love for all aspects of English.

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