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Patty Wu

Head of VCE at Edcellent Education

As someone who was born overseas in a non-English speaking country, Patty has experienced the challenges and hardships that come with mastering this complex language, providing her with a holistic understanding of the way many new learners approach English. Having been at Edcellent since its infancy, she has learnt and grown with the company, flourishing her skills and developing her own way of teaching that is nurturing and encouraging. Throughout her time at Edcellent, she has guided her students in achieving their goals in VCE by building their critical thinking skills while also making an impact in their personal lives and fuelling their love for learning. Her enthusiasm and bright outlook have made a genuine influence on many, helping them to achieve 40+ Study Scores for VCE EAL and English, preparing them with the mental resilience and confidence for the first step onto the stage of the broader tertiary world. 

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