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Kate King-Smith

IB / VCE English at Edcellent Education

Kate has taught VCE English, Literature and Ancient History for the past three years, nurturing students in their confidence and abilities to achieve. Her experience has taught her the intricacies and expectations of each course, as well as the pressures and anxieties experienced by students studying them. With numerous past students achieving 40 and above, her teaching has empowered students to believe in themselves and their abilities from high school to tertiary education and beyond. Outside of teaching, Kate has worked in and around the Melbourne publishing industry since her early days at university. She has worked as a non-fiction sub- editor for Farrago Magazine and as a regular video-game journalist for, as well as developing her skills in scriptwriting and dramaturgy for youth audiences. Even before moving to Melbourne to complete a degree in Creative Writing and Psychology at the University of Melbourne, Kate nurtured a love of writing and literature. She won the ICAS Medal in creative writing at sixteen, an award of international acclaim, and was later accepted into the Australian Writer’s Mentor Program for the development of her manuscript in the very same year.

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