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Benjamin Pittard

VCE English / EAL at Edcellent Education

Majoring in English Literature, Ben graduated from Deakin University with degrees in both Secondary Education and the Arts. During his studies Ben developed a passion for mentoring students and developing numerous engaging strategies to ensure their success in school. As both a mentor and teacher Ben has worked with hundreds of students from various walks of life, including students studying VCE English as an Additional Language (EAL), students suffering from learning and emotional disorders, students with a high-academic background and students with a disinterest in schooling. As a result of his experiences, Ben works to develop numerous resources and extensive pre-planning into each educational experience to ensure the best possible outcome for his students. During his studies Ben displayed a proficient ability to develop educational policies and new curriculum content to best address student difficulties. Outside of his academic career Ben has worked alongside film reviewers and academic journals to produce reviews on a variety of literary media including, poetry, movies, plays, short stories and video games.

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