The Edcellent classes are designed for:

y5Year 3 - 6

Junior School English

  • English
  • EAL

y5Year 7 - 9

Middle School

  • English
  • EAL
  • Literature
  • Pre VCE

y5Year 10 - 12

Senior School

  • IB English
  • VCE English
  • English Language
  • English Literature

Face-to-face Learning

  • One-to-one classes
  • Small group classes
  • Exam Preparation classes
online class

Online Classes

  • One-to-one classes
  • Small group classes

Our Enrolment Process


Contact us via Phone / Email / WeChat admin.


We will organise a time for you to meet with our Principal.

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We will provide you with the strategies to learn and improve the status quo.

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We will allocate you to the class that best suits your learning needs!

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  1. Parents will receive the student’s progress report at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.
  2. We encourage our parents to contact our support team to enquire or discuss your child’s learning between 1pm and 6pm from Wednesday to Sunday.
You will undertake a 20-minute meeting with the Head of VCE or IB to discuss strategies to work towards your goal.