Why choose IB? Differences between VCE and IBDP

Apr 6th, 2022

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Why choose IB? 

The IB course offers six subject groups, along with three core elements that shape IB. Theory of knowledge, the extended essay and CAS (creative, activity, service). The IB curriculum reflects our teaching philosophy at Edcellent where students are encouraged to be critical and creative thinkers who are empowered to drive their learning, whilst being inspired to be culturally aware as global citizens. A study in 2021 also shows that IBDP students demonstrate higher levels of critical thinking, global mindedness and better preparation for post-secondary education. For us, learning has no limits and we are committed to nurturing our students’ agency, curiosity, imagination, and creativity. 


So, what are the differences between VCE and IB? 

Both VCE and IBDP are great pathways to prepare students to pursue their studies at the university. It all comes down to personal preferences. Although VCE may allow specialisation in certain areas of interest, the VCE program is a more content-driven curriculum with a grade ranking system; whereas IBDP is more focused on the social and academic development of students, especially through required assignments like the theory of knowledge and extended essays. 

IBDP is also more specific in the levels and number of subjects taken to study. It requires students to select 3 standard level and 3 higher-level subjects from a broad field of studies, such as language, mathematics, science, and humanities subjects. In comparison, IBDP may seem particularly demanding with the additional essays required to submit. But, the workload is not all that different compared to VCE students. 

IB - International Baccalaureate

VCE – Victorian Certification of Education

Mix of academic, social development courses (internationally focused) 

Content-driven courses, available in all Victorian secondary schools 

Each subject scores based on 0-7, additional assessments worth 3 marks 

Grade ranking system and standardised, receives study score and ATAR 

Assessed internally and externally 

Assessed internally 

Complete six subject areas 

Ability to choose subjects to specialise in 

Additional assessments: theory of knowledge, extended essay and CAS 

Curriculum divided into four units 


Why choose Edcellent for IBDP English? 

At Edcellent, we create an authentic, impactful, and holistic learning experience through engagement, collaboration and application with students and parents. As we strive to be one of the most impactful education hubs in Australia, the IBDP curriculum can optimise our students’ growth which reflects our values at Edcellent. 

We achieve this by ensuring our students feel comfortable learning and sharing their ideas with peers without judgement, so that they are confident in their classroom, workplace and beyond. We also recognise students learn in different ways. That is why we provide consistent feedback for growth and ensure that students and parents get involved in learning. Most of all, we want to empower and inspire students to go beyond their potential!  

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