Connecting the different IB assessments together (ToK, EE, IAs)

Apr 19th, 2022

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What are the required assessments for IBDP? 

Apart from the subject-based assessments, all IBDP must complete an extended essay and theory of knowledge essay regardless of the subject selected. These assessments also differentiate the most from the regular curriculum because they can be completed across a period. IB subjects also include internal assessments completed in school but may be submitted to IB for moderation. Even though these essays tasks may seem intimidating with a large word count and extensive work required, there are similarities in what examiners are looking for and skills you should demonstrate in these assessments. 

What does all these writing have in common then? 

A key point to remember is that this writing is all about communicating ideas, especially developing a compelling argument in response to the question given in the ToK essay or the one you formulate in the extended essay. An effective way to achieve this is to remember the PEE (Point > Example > Explain) structure! At Edcellent, we always encourage our students to write for effect. It is not just about understanding and answering with as much knowledge as possible but responding thoughtfully and critically. 


What are the skills I can learn from these required assessments? 

IB is like a passport into the future! You will develop skills such as creativity, critical thinking and analytical insights are essential in the future workplace. The curriculum encourages students to independently form interpretations of the texts they read, but also communicate and express their ideas confidently with real-world application. Apart from the skills you gain directly from writing, through IBDP assignments, you can develop indirect soft skills like communication, research and time management that can be transferable for your career. It is a programme designed for students that seek meaningful experiences beyond the classroom and become well-rounded global citizens.



We hope that these three Edcellent insights have cleared up some of the questions about the IB curriculum and learning more on how we teach at Edcellent. We believe that an authentic, impactful, and holistic delivery is the best way to learn! As we strive to be one of the most impactful education hubs in Australia, the IBDP curriculum can maximally benefit and reflects our values at Edcellent. But most of all, we want to empower and inspire students!